“I made a book”

“I resisted this temptation for a long time. In the end I gave up and it is: “Pod Włos” – an independent, authentic and sincerely painful story about beauty and its essence.”

This attempt to extract from the multitude of information universal truths about human appearance. It is the apotheosis of individualism, naturalness and simplicity, giving at the same time a view on what is fashionable, phenomenal and desirable. Between the lines I tried to smuggle the most important thought of the book, which is self-acceptance, which in today’s world is rare and like a species threatened by extinction requires authentic protection. For this purpose, I reveal the exceptions carried by the consequences from the well-known colloquial truth.

About being yourself, with a heart on your hand, a smile on your face and “Pod Włos”. The book is available in Empik stores and in all branches of the WS Academy Wierzbicki & Schmidt.

Tomasz Schmidt
Andrzej Wierzbicki